Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Review] Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

I'm not an expert in the moisturiser field, and as someone with oily-combination (a little prone to the oily side), I am not very keen on buying moisturisers unless I've tried and tested them so that I don't oil up. 

Currently I'm using two moisturisers daily, one for day and the other for night, and they fit quite well into my routine so I've got another excuse not to buy other moisturisers. But this sample has been sitting on my samples pile for months and I thought I'd just use it. Why not, right?
Sample pack
Gel-like cream.
See the moisture? It'd get adsorbed after awhile,
This cream is gel-like and goes on your face smoothly, leaving you a non-sticky and cooling sensation after it's been even out. When I first apply it, the first thought that came to my mind was that this cream reminds me of The Face Shop' Ice Flower Aqua Water Drop Pack -- the difference lies in the the other one is a mask that upon massaging, transform into water droplets that gets absorbed into your skin. Naure Republic's Super Aqua Max instead leaves a velvet like, soothing sensation on your skin that makes you feel that your skin is moisturised and smooth. And I like it! It moisturises just like having water splashed on your face. 

Bare in mind that my review is based on this one small sample pack! However, if I were to buy, I'd probably go for the one with oily skin for my skin type.

[o] Not sticky at all
[o] Leaves cooling sensation
[o] There is a slight fragrance, a little like fresh dew but I actually love it. It's a pleasing scent!

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  1. hello :)
    i would just like to know whether u hv tried and bought it or not.i searched throughout the net and many of them would recommend of buying i would like to know ur view upon the product cz im still in hesitation of purchasing it,

    1. Hi,

      I didn't buy it; Because even though I have combination skin I'm more towards the oily side and this doesn't seem to really work for me (I'd probably go for the one for oily skin). It does keep you moisturised though! So if you have combination skin and looking for a moisturiser that's not sticky/heavy, I think this is a pretty good purchase. :)

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