Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Review] Nature Republic Red Clay Konjac Sponge

About: Nature Republic Vegetable Konjac -- Red Clay Cleansing Puff
            Konjac 90% & Red Clay 10%
            Korean Red Clay helps with sebum absorption, and oil control, maintain balance               of oil and water (pH levels, basically)
     1. Red Clay Control Sebum O.K.
               Excellent sebum control helps skin balance water and oil.
     2. All skin type O.K.
              Vegetable product can be applied for all skn types.
    3. After washing face, moisture retaining O.K.
              Cleans contaminant and helps to keep skin moisturized for a long time.
Nature Republic Red Clay Konjac Sponge

This is not my first konjac sponge; I previously used one from a Taiwan brand, which I bought at Watsons, but I thought I'd try this red clay one from Nature Republic (through GMarket) since oil control is one of my biggest problems.

I would say that it is definitely a good cleansing tool for the face because of its shape. These konjac sponges are half a sphere in shape, where the round side is good for the cheeks and the flatter side for the areas around the eyes and the sides of the face, and is gentle on the face.

I think Nature Republic's konjac sponge was slightly better than the one from Taiwan because of its high moisture content. This one locks water content better to allow better foaming of the soap for cleansing, and while I'm a little sceptical about the oil control part, I'd say that it does exfoliate lightly, and my face feels smoother after using this. And moisturised too! Definitely going to be part of my cleansing routine. :)

[o] Great cleansing tool -- especially when cleaning areas around the eyes due to its special shape.
[o] Gently exfoliate skin for a smooth finish
[o] A little oil control

[x] You'd have to change this every 3-4 months

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