Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Military Caps/ Vintage Army Caps!

So recently I've purchased two of these military caps on Gmarket, thinking that I could gift one of them to my cap-loving brother as his birthday present (and give myself a reason to get my own cap, :D). I certainly did not regret my purchase.

This seller [FORPURE] had a really pretty good rating, and upon receiving my order, I think that the caps are worth every penny spent. With a relatively fast delivery time, the caps came in great condition and I couldn't believe that I can get it at this relatively low price of SGD$9. You hardly find these kind of prices in Singapore!

The above pic is my cap, model no. AH077. I love the denim-blue (sadly, not clearly visible due the the sunlight) and the metallic buttons along the side of the visor/bill of the cap. It's not too flashy while adding on a nice touch to the other-wise plain cap. Love the words along the side of the cap too! Some k-pop fans would know that these caps are getting pretty popular with K-entertainment recently (Lee Minho, Tiffany and Micky Yoochun were spotted with these kind of caps recently) and I've been meaning to get one because it makes a pretty good accessory while serving its purpose in the hot, sunny weather of Singapore. :)

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