Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Review] China Glaze The Hunger Game Series in Stone Cold

China Glaze Hunger Game Series is a collection of 12 different nail polishes that aims to represent the 12 different districts. This time I picked up the matte shade Stone Cold, a shade that gives a graphite-like, grainy finish, truly representative of District 2.

I do like the shade, both in matte and glossy (with top coat). It's really different, and gives a pretty solid, dark grey base with light shimmers for that cold-toned stone finish. 

I actually thought that it's a fun colour to play with. In matte, it turns out to be a grey tone, but with a top coat the colour looks closer to black, and the grains looked a little shimmers under the light, and is a totally different shade altogether (it looks more like lead than graphite with a normal top coat). I usually go with the glossy, top coat for that extra shimmer. 

I know it's not a popular shade in the series, but I do love it. I also have to say, for some reason, I liked it better on my feet than on my hands. It's a little tricky when applying though, especially for beginners (like me!): apply with a thick layer, and be quick for a smooth finish. It takes one coat on the average, about two for the thumbs, and like any other matte polishes it dries really quickly. 

[o] One-two coats is all it takes
[o] Two different shades when in matte and glossy
[o] Dries fast (due to matte formula)

[x] Matte formula makes it difficult (and even messy) to work with, especially for beginners.

Anyone else liked this shade? :)

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