Monday, August 20, 2012

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream #02

I've tried this BB cream for a couple of days (don't underestimate the power of this sample pack, since you only need a little BB cream for each use) and here's my final review of this.

My really tattered sample.
I forgot to take a photo before using! >///<

Using this much~

Ta daa~
Comparison; under natural, sunlight

Comparison, away from direct sun light

As you can see from the above picture, the side with the BB looks more dewy and slightly whiter than the one on the left. Coverage is not too bad, it kinda covered the colour of my veins; the cream looks darker than it actually is on my skin.

Even though #02 is suppose to be a natural-beige kind of colour, which is my usual shade range, especially in summer (and the first few months following it) it actually brightens up my face when I apply it, and sadly doesn't seem to oxidise well because I look a little too white at the end of the day. The formula feels a little sticky, but spreads out well when applied, and allows for a little layering (but not too much, I feel that it actually cakes up a little when too much is applied).

Comparing it under the sun and in a room, this BB actually don't look that bad when faced away from direct sunlight. It blends into my skin pretty well, not being a tad too bright, while still giving it that little shine, dewy kind of finish.

[o] All day long is as suggested, pretty much long lasting. BUT! it does makes my face looks alittle too ash-white at the end of the day.
[o] A little bit goes a long way.
[o] Pretty much waterproof unless wiped under running water (unless you wipe your face with a towel under pouring rain, it probably won't come off)
[o] It gives a dewy kind of finish.

[x] Does not oxidise well on my face -- I look really white at the end of the day under the sun!
[x] Oil control is so-so: Oils up about 3-4 hours.
[x] Could cake up a little/feel heavy if too much is used

Will I purchase again:
No. The formula isn't something I'm looking for, especially the oiling up part. I'm not too fond of looking too white either, sadly. I'd probably be looking into their newer BB cream formulas, which I hope had made adjustments to suit combi-oily skin like mine.

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