Sunday, October 7, 2012

[Review] Etude House Mini Me Perfumed Stick - Ms Cutie

L-R: Ms Twinkle, Ms Hot, Ms Cutie, Ms Lonely, Ms Ever
Coming in 5 different fragrances, Etude House's Mini Me Perfumed Stick is a portable-sized, stick perfume with cute packaging and lovely fragrances that would bound to suit your preferences. Using the idea of a 'love coach', the different perfume sticks have a different theme: Ms Cutie (Sparkling Citrus) is a college student waiting to meet her love at first sight; feisty Ms Hot (Tropical Fruity)  is a sexy woman that commands your attention; preppy Ms Lonely (Green Floral) wants to be in love again; feminine and romantic Ms Twinkle (Sweet Fruity Floral) is waiting for her prince to get down on one knee; and  elegant Ms Ever (Floral Bouquet) is looking to write happily ever after in her own fairy tale.

Basically, acquiring all 5 mini me perfume sticks would entitle you a trip from a blooming young lady to reach her very own fairy tale ending. Fantasy, cute and definitely appealing to Etude House's primary audiences: young females looking for affordable cosmetics with adorable packaging!

Official info on Ms Cutie
With the tagline 'Make him fall in love with me at first sight', Ms Cutie has a sweet fruity citrus scent that makes for a light, friendly and girly atmosphere. At the top right, below step 1, Ms Cutie takes on its coaching duties as it shares advice (Attract one with fresh perfume and a bright smile), key point (appeal with a fresh look) and lucky items (apply lip balm with natural make up comeplete with a girlish frill skirt) for a first meeting (much like how the perfume stick actually looks).

Amongst the five scents, I personally preferred this citrus one. I just love the slightly sour scent of lemon! It's so refreshing! I do have to say that the scents don't last long on the body, sadly. I do think that the newer one might actually last longer, so do check it out!

This perfume stick works just like your average lipstick. Screw it up, and go ahead to apply it on desired areas. I personally like to apply it near my collarbones and also on my wrists, but its really up to you. It also comes with a plastic cap for additional protection; you'd need it, because the cap isn't as tight as it seems. When you place it in your bag with the other cosmetics, the cap sometimes falls out, and you don't want your perfume stick to loose a chunk or chip here and here do you? 

I would also add that it's a little pricey for its worth when you buy it at retail stores, since it is a pretty small. It does last for quite a while, but if you really want to smell of the fragrance for long you have to constantly apply it. 

I am reaching the end of this perfume stick soon, which one should I get next?

Anyone else liked the perfumed sticks? 

[o] Easy to bring about without worries of spill.
[o] 5 different scents for different tastes
[o] Very cute packaging

[x] Scent is not long lasting
[x] Cap becomes loose after awhile

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