Friday, November 2, 2012

[Review] November Vanity Trove

I bought this as a birthday present to myself, though I have to say that my reaction to this box was a little neutral; I wasn't really disappointed, but my excitement kind of fizzled as I unveil my box.

November's box goes by the theme 'Dream Girl', and I guess that kind of goes for the idea of having a perfect, natural appearance.
Taken from the official site.
These are the items in my box:

All the items in the box
SkinC's Pure Happy Hand Dew. The only full sized item in the box.
Items from BRTC. 5 BB cream samples (Jasmine Water in both
sachet and sample tube) and one moisturiser.
Ichikami shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment samples
Tamarind Facial cleanser
ADORE sanitary pads.
ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel
Uriage Hydration Gel
The total list as below:
- SkinC Pure Happy Hand Dew (full sized at 50ml, priced at SGD$29)
- Tamarind Facial Cleanser with Organic Tamarind and Honey (15ml sample)
- Ichikami Shampoo and Conditioner sample sachet (12ml sample), Ichikami Hair Treatment sample (15g sample)
- BRTC BB cream samples (x 4 different kinds:Whitening & Reparing, Jasmine Water, Gold Caviar, Aqua Rush Water), BRTC Jasmine Water sample in tube (5g) and BRTC vitalizer white gel
- ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel (5g)
- Uriage Hydration Gel (5g)
- SGD$5 voucher at Sasa and 20% Discount off the Tamarind Facial Cleanser

Overall, it seems like there's so many things but they're all in really small sample sizes for 1-2 uses, except the  ones in a tube and the full size hand moisturiser. I'm not exactly thrilled because I am more into make-up than skin care, but hey, Vanity Trove usually has more skin-care and few make-up products so I did expected this.

Other possible items are:
- Ujene Puriste Collagen Eye Gel (full sized, worth SGD$70) [you either get this or the SkinC Hand Dew]
- Neogence Pore-reducing Serum sample
- Laline Body Cream in Vanilla (full sized)
- Vitacreme B12 Sample

I do really like the SkinC hand dew and the Tamarind facial cleanser. I've used the former a few times and the latter, once, and while I'm not sure of the effects thus far I do kind of enjoyed it. The smell~is so pleasant!

But comparing with boxes that have the Ujene Puriste Collagen Eye Gel, I feel that the disparity in the box's actual value is really huge. While I did enjoy the hand dew, the full size product is only worth SGD$29, and the other products did not seem to make up for the value difference.

I'm quite diappointed by the Ichikami samples too -- I'm currently using Daenggi Meori for my routine and it works really well for me that I'm not really hyped out to try Ichikami. Likewise for the BB cream samples because BB cream just never really seem to oxidise well to match my skin tone that I prefer using foundations.

I really do not think I'd go for another Vanity Trove box yet. If only there's more make-up samples than BB cream!

What's in your November box? Which should I review first? :)


  1. Hi just curious, may I know where you purchase the Daenggi Meori hair care products from? thanks!

    1. Watsons! They're ~SGD30 each, for the shampoo and conditioner. But I think it's money well spent!


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