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[Review] Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

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As someone who has really fine lashes combined with tapered double-eyelids, I've always had a hard time finding just the right mascara for me. And when I heard of Holika Holika's Magic Pole mascara, which boasts a unique wand design to "sculpt the perfect lash", I just knew I had to try it out!

Isn't the packaging pretty?
Holika Holika is known to have a slightly dreamy packaging, and I always think that it's a Korean version of Japanese brand Majolica Majorca. Dreamy and occasionally cute packaging, the Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara didn't disappoint in its pretty packaging, coming in a dark purple triangular box with gold and white fonts and lining.

Instruction palette with 3 different lash look to try out!
Inside the box, there are instructions on how to effectively use the wand, completed with pictures so you don't have to understand Korean to learn how to use it.

The pretty packaging! 

How the wand looks like.
The mascara itself has the same color code for the packaging [#03], and the wand comes with a bobbed design at the tip. With a combination of short and long bristles, the wand is suppose to effectively come the lashes and cover them with ample mascara, before one uses the bobbed tip to seperate the lashes and remove any crumps [#04].
How the brush looks like in detail and how it is when swiped!
Claiming to be smudge-proof, water and sebum-proof, strong black and has a magic curling effect, Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara sounds like the miracle product for every lady, and let's find out if it's truly what it says!

With thin lashes, one of the biggest challenge is to find a mascara that helps to hold the curls but wouldn't weigh them down in the process. Sadly, this Magic Pole Mascara isn't the right one for me as it doesn't seem to hold that much of a curl for me as compared to other brands. Despite the design of the wand, it didn't effectively removed the crumps either so I ended up with slightly crumped together lashes - which isn't my prefered lash look but if it's yours, this might just be the one for you. It does, however, lengthen and darkens the lashes for a pretty natural look.

On the side note, it does seem to do a good job being waterproof and smudgeproof, and is easily removed by washing with warm water. I used warm water without any remover and massaged with a cleansing puff, and poof, the mascara was removed effectively!

While I probably wouldn't be purchasing this mascara again, I certainly did enjoy using this product on days when I want to do some light make-up without eyeliner. Anyone who'd like a natural finish and has medium to thick lashes, this would probably be a better fit for you.

What are your thoughts on the Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara?

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