Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Review] Peri Pera Lip Tint Crayon - #01 Fruity Pink

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"This tender tint crayon is smoothly applied to your lips without any irritation. Fruits complex make your lips look vivid and juicy."
Peri Pera Lip Tint Crayon in Fruity Pink - isn't it cute?
When I first got this lip tint crayon, I was immediately bought over by the cute packaging. Coming in a cardboard made into the shape of a pencil, the lip crayon itself is equally as cute. In the design of a crayon, this special tint is a handy auto-type crayon that requires no shaving of any sorts. Just remove the plastic cover and apply - it's really that simple.
Testing the shade on my hand - and zoomed!
What I really love about this is the formula; the lip tint crayon has this amazing texture that applies smoothly onto your lips like the average lip balm, but with a vivid pretty color and a jelly-like glossy finish. As someone who isn't used to strong lip colors, I was a little worried when I tried the shade in #01 Fruity Pink. However, I was pleasantly surprised from the result - despite the vibrant color, I don't have to worry about the tint seeping into the cracks of my dry lips. Just like a lip balm, it applies evenly onto my lips for a smooth finish with no cracks at all! 

Not to mention, the color is build-able and it can give a vibrant touch to your face, especially on days when you've decided to put minimal make-up. Besides, one of the rising trend these days is a Jun Jihyun-inspired make up from You Who Came From The Stars - this means a bare-face natural look with a touch on the lips. And this Peri Pera's lip tint crayon in Fruity Pink will create just that!

Also living up to its name as a 'tint' crayon, this little fella had little problems leaving a nice stain on my lips even after a meal - in which you can just easily retouch on the go. The lasting power was beyond my expectations, having lasted for hours when I first tried it on. For those sensitive to smells, it has a somewhat fruity-yet-waxy scent, but that is negligible after application, so no worries on that.

If I really want to say a negative would be that this lip crayon has the tendency to melt when left under the sun so please take note of where you store them - though you shouldn't be storing any cosmetic products directly under the sun. I would really love it if Peri Pera could come up with more colors, but I'd take what I can at the moment - make a guess what I'd be stocking up on as I head to S.Korea next week? 

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