Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Review] Nature Republic Fly To The Moon Eye Shadow - #03 Pink

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It's been a long while since I last reviewed anything, isn't it?

Trying to start anew in 2014. With the first post none other than Nature Republic's Fly To The Moon Cream Eye Shadow - wow, long name! 
Fly To The Moon Eye Shadow in #03 Pink
My first impression when I opened up the pot, was that it somehow reminded me of Maybelline Color Tattoo's Indigo Pink; one swatch on my hand proved me otherwise, as it was packed with lots of glitter. I was a little skeptical about glitter eye shadows - I've always had the perception that they would either fall out or the colors wouldn't stay. I was wrong, as Nature Republic's Fly To The Moon Eye Shadow (#03 Pink) not only had beautiful sparkles, but they manage to stay on all day with minimal creasing and brighten your eyes instantly!
Look at the amount of glitter!
Like most cream eye shadows I've tried, this pot had a somewhat 'squishy' and bouncy cream shadow - avoid pressing too hard as 'cracks' would appear! - and is best applied by hand, both in terms of capturing pigment and blending. 

If you're looking for an eye-shadow with opaque pigments, then this might not be for you. However, it works well in brightening your eyes, and the best part? It can be layered on top of your other shadows for that added bling, and is completely build-able! Personally, I love to use it at the outer corners as well as the inner corners of my eyes to give my eyes more life and energy.

As written on the box, "this cream-type eye shadow provides a mystique sparkle to your eyes. Your eyelids will look like a night sky sprinkled with jewels." I could not agree more, with its two-tone effects that makes it a fun shadow to play around, on its own or with other colors. 

What are your thoughts on this glittery pot of pink (or any other shades)?

Many thanks to Lifestyle Post for choosing me as a brand advocate to try this out!

*P.S: I tried to capture the sparkles, but it doesn't seem to come out as well as I'd though. Nonetheless I hope you'd be able to see the glitter in #02!

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